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​Step 1:
Please read the terms and conditions. By proceeding with the deposit you are indicating that you have read and agree to the below terms. Failure to read the terms and conditions does not mean they do not apply to you.

Terms and Conditions -

In consideration of the engagement of writing with light photography for your photoshoot:


(1) All images are subject to copyright and copyright is owned by Leah Jeanes of Writing with Light photography.


(2) It is illegal to copy, scan, alter in any way including cropping and removal of watermark or reproduce without permission. This includes adding filters to ordered images on social media platforms


(3) Select images will be chosen for website and promotional purposes, please advise us on the following booking form if you wish to remain off social media.


(4) You hereby irrevocably release and discharge Leah Jeanes and Writing with light photography from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the Works, including any claims based on defamation, copyright, privacy or right of publicity. You give the same release on behalf of any other person who appears in the Works.


(5) To the extent permitted by law, Leah Jeanes/ writing with light photography’s liability in connection with the services is limited to supplying the services again or paying the cost of having the services supplied again.


(6) You understand that technology does at time fail and that while all care is taken to back up the images from your photoshoot, Leah Jeanes and Writing with light photography is not liable for loss of images due to technology failure. In the event of a technology issue your will be offered a reshoot of your session or full refund of monies paid. Once ordered images have been delivered to the client, no refunds will be given if there is a loss of images in studio and you have lost your copy also.

(7) Studio Etiquette: Older children need to be monitored by their parents and kept as much as possible within the waiting area of the studio for WHS reasons. While we are happy for you to watch what is happening during your session, please maintain some distance from the actual set we are using while shooting to allow the best possible working environment for your photographer and the assistant to create beautiful art with your baby.

(8) Please DO NOT take images during your photoshoot, this includes on location sessions and please pass this on to any family members that are joining you at your shoot. We will stop your session if this occurs.

(9) Illness policy - DO NOT arrive at your session if you or any member of your house hold is unwell. Consider the health and wellbeing of the photographer and assistant, their family and each baby that comes to the studio after you. You session will be cancelled if you arrive at the shoot unwell, please contact us to reschedule (we cannot guarantee a another session within a specific time frame but will do what we can). If the photographer is unwell, you will be notified with as mush notice as possible that we will need to postpone.

(10) Deposit - Your session is secured with a $100 deposit, until this payment has been made we will not guarantee availability for your shoot. The deposit is required to ensure clients arrive to their session. If you fail to arrive to your session the deposit will be forfeited and we will not rebook your session. If a session is still desired, a new date and deposit can be organised. We take time and to plan and set up your session before your arrival and cannot fill a session at a moments notice if you do not arrive for your session.


 (11) Lateness policy - Sessions are booked in specific time blocks, if you arrive at your session late, that time will be deducted from your session time, we WILL NOT extent the session as we have already added a buffer into all sessions to account for our working with babies and young children

(12) Rescheduling policy -  We understand that children are unpredictable and often fall ill, we will reschedule  your session if you or your child are unwell however dates are subject to our availability. Failure to notify us that you are unable to attend you shoot will result in your deposit being forfeited. If you need to move your session date for any reason we will need at least 72 hours notice. 

Step 2:
Please process your deposit, this secures your session(s). You will find the link below, payment can be processed via credit card or paypal. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer you will need to get in touch with us so we can send you the payment details and a link to the booking form.
Step 3:
After the deposit has been paid you will see a thank you page/ confirmation of payment, this will show you the receipt number for your payment and under this a BOOKING CONTRACT  button, please fill out this form and submit it to us. We need this information to add you to the calendar, it provides us with your details, lets us know who is attending the shoot and lets you tell us about any thoughts you have regarding the styling of the session (if you are unsure on colours or props etc.. that is fine, we can add more detail closer to your session date.