Christmas Mini sessions

BOOKINGS OPEN -Oct 2nd at 12pm

*Santa is not in the studio - He is added digitally after the session!


Collection 1 - $150

Inc. session, 5 digital images and post production effects

Collection 2 - $200

Inc. session, 10 digital images and post production effects


Sat 21st Nov - 9am to 4.30 pm

Sun 22nd Nov - 9am to 4.30 pm

Mon 23rd Nov - 9.30 to 2pm 

Set ups are as in the above sample images. Please DO NOT ask for additional set ups or variations to the backdrops as it is not possible

Please read this before booking. The rules still apply even if you don't!

Sessions are for immediate family only and best suited to children that are sitting up (short periods are ok) or have older siblings that can help support them. We cannot promise that new borns will co-operate, if you are booking a very young baby we suggest trying to have bub awake prior to the session and then feed them right before hand to try to get them to sleep through the session. 

*Sessions are limited to 15 minutes of shoot time, please remember this is a mini shoot and running to a tight timetable, I cannot shoot past your 15 minutes as we need to reset for the next session and sanitise each of the sets, if you think your child will need more time than this you may want to look at booking a full session on another date.

*Children MUST be dressed and ready to shoot for the time of their session, any time taken to ready children in the studio will be taken out of your shooting time. 

*Sessions have been booked with plenty of time between shoots for people to come and go without crossing paths (we are limited to how many people can be here at once and are doing everything we can to ensure we can still do the mini sessions). If you are late to your session, you will not get extra time in the studio as it will eat into out cleaning and sanitising time.

*Please be on time, if you are late I cannot run into the next session. 

*Please consider your child's nap habits when selecting your preferred time for best results on the day.

*When booking you need to pay the $50 deposit, the balance of the collections are due at the shoot. Payments can be made via cash or card.

*Collections will be sent to you via dropbox- no prints are included, each image can be printed up to 8x10 inches.

*You will receive the best images of the session, fairly balanced to represent each child, the photographers choice is final here.

*Not all backdrops may get used in each session, this will be determined on a shoot by shoot basis on the amount of participants, collection selected and willingness of kids on the day. Some of the backdrops are best suited to individual images. 

*There are no refunds of the deposit.

*There are no refunds or reshoots if your child/ren are not cooperative on the day, please consider your child's nature when booking a mini session. If you think there may be issues please contact us via and we can discuss options (this is intended for children with additional needs - sensory processing, autism and such where you as their parent know a high energy, fast paced situation may not be best for your child) 


*Please ask if you have any questions BEFORE making you booking.