Client Gallery 

April Boreland

A few things to remember while viewing your gallery;

·          We will do minor edits to the images (remove bites or bruises where we can etc...) but images are not over edited

·         The logo will be removed from your ordered images. Please refrain from taking screen shots and/or sharing these proof images, they are not edited and do not represent the final look of your images and as such the quality we offer, it is also against our copyright policy.

·         When you view the gallery you will see a collection of thumbnail images, clicking on one of these will enlarge the thumbnail.

·         To order the images we need you to fill out the order form which is under the thumbnails of your images. The order form is the contract for your order. You must read the terms and conditions and submit this form to get your order into production.

·         We will confirm your order with you once it is received with an estimated completion date (generally within 7 days for our Event mini sessions). Confirmation can take up to 48 hours  as we often change our days in studio to accommodate location sessions or a session can run over as babies are unpredictable. If you do not hear from us after 48 hours please feel free to get in touch, there may have been a technical glitch or at times, human error. A late confirmation will not effect the delivery date.