Common questions you may also want to ask

What happens if I have baby early or late
We understand baby's rarely arrive on their due date. We will add you to the diary around 7 to 10 days after your due date and then make any adjustments needed once Bub has arrived. We will be in contact around 1 week prior to booed date to see how you are and if Bub has not arrived we will move it back. If you have baby more than 3 or 4 days early we ask that you get in contact and let us know and we can decide if it's best to move the shoot forward.
Do you shoot in my home?
The studio has been set up specifically with newborn sessions in mind and we generally recommend a studio session as everything is on hand. There is the option of an in home shoot though this will incur additional fees which are dependant on your location to the studio as we essentially need to close the studio for the day. To do an in home session we need a large enough area in your home with a large window with good morning light or room enough for the studio lighting. 
How long does a photoshoot take?
It depends on the type of session, Newborn Sessions can take up to 4 hours but we find they usually run closer to 2, outdoor sessions (including Family Sessions) typically take an hour to an hour and a half. Milestones typically last an hour , by then the kids have had enough. Maternity sessions can be as quick as 30 minutes and up to an hour, this will depend on who is in the shoot, just Mum or a family of 4. Your photoshoot will never be rushed, we will be able to take our time to ensure everybody is happy and comfortable but we are also working with children and they can be eager to participate or not at all interested, this can effect the time the shoot takes.
Do I need to provide outfits for my Newborn?
No. We have a rather large collection of wraps and options for bub - beanies, headbands, props - we provide it all. Do bring in outfits for your older kids though.
Where are you based?
My studio is based in Narellan, South West Sydney. About a 50 minute drive from Sydney. The studio is located at the back of the property.
Is there space to park at the studio?
Yes. There will be an empty driveway you can park in.
Where will my outdoor shoot take place?
This will depend on a few things. Time of year, time of day and what you are after. There are a few spots I love to use around Camden and Macarthur. Beach shoots are also possible, we shoot these usually in Corrimal.
What are the best colours for me to wear?
This totally depends on your hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, location etc. But as a guide:
Winter: blues, whites, greys, beige.
Autumn: oranges, reds, browns, pinks.
Summer: pinks, purples, blues
Spring: greens, yellows, pinks, blues.
I generally advise keeping to softer tones, avoid bold pattern and large logos. Co-ordination is great but you don't have to have everyone matching perfectly. The goal is that your face are the focus and not your outfit.
Can my older Children join the shoot?
My Newborn Session packages include the option to have some family images, we typically capture Mum and Baby, Dad and Baby, Siblings and the whole family.  Partners and Children can also join in Maternity sessions.
How do I pick my images?
About 2 weeks about the session we will contact you with a link to the clients page and your password. You will see a proof gallery of around 40 images (a few more or less depending events of the day), from here you can select your favourite images and choose your final collection.
How does payment work?
To secure the session you will need you pay a $100 deposit. The balance of the base collection is payable at or before your shoot- This covers your time in the studio/shoot, the talent of the photographer and production of your proof gallery. If you decide to upgrade your collection you can pay the balance on collection. Cash and card payments are accepted.