How to prepare for your photoshoot

Studio Location
The studio address is 260 Camden valley way Narellan. The studio is located at a residential property but is located at the back of the property (not the house). If the session is on a location, we will be in contact the week before the shoot to confirm the best spot and best time to shoot, this will determined by the weather in the lead up to the shoot as well as sunset times.
Is there space to park at the studio?
Yes. There will be an empty driveway you can park in.
What if there is bad weather?
If we have booked a location shoot and the weather looks to be unfavourable for the day we will suggest postponing the session. This is easier when we are talking about a milestone or family session, a maternity session may need to be moved to the studio if we are cutting it close to your due date.
If we have booked a milestone or maternity session with the plan to shoot half in the studio and half in a local location and the weather will not allow for the location, we will either need to postpone the entire shoot or move entirely into the studio - we cannot sperate the shoot over 2 days.
What if someone gets sick?
We understand that illness happens without much notice and would prefer for you to postpone your session rather than bring in a sick baby. Not only will your little one not be happy during the shoot but we do like to limit the germs coming in, not just for own health but that of all babies we have in the studio. We will do our best to get you in within a week but we cannot guarantee availability. 
Do I need to provide outfits for my Newborn?
No. We have a rather large collection of wraps and options for bub - beanies, headbands, props - we provide it all. Do bring in outfits for your older kids though.
What are the best colours for me to wear?
For studio sessions we recommended keeping it simple, whites, soft tones - peaches and blues, avoid large or bold patterns and logos.
For locations sessions; 
This totally depends on your hair colour, skin tone, eye colour, location etc. But as a guide:
Winter: blues, whites, greys, beige.
Autumn: oranges, reds, browns, pinks.
Summer: pinks, purples, blues
Spring: greens, yellows, pinks, blues.
I generally advise keeping to softer tones, avoid bold pattern and large logos. Co-ordination is great but you don't have to have everyone matching perfectly. The goal is that your face are the focus and not your outfit.
Your preferences and special requests?
We ask that if you have any preferences (more family images over just a focus on your newborn, a specific colour you would like to use) or special requests (a prop you would like to bring in or a pose you have seen that you really would like us to try) that you mention this prior to your shoot as we need to add this into the flow of the shoot in a way that will cause the least disruption to your baby. If a request is mentioned towards the end of a shoot we can not always accommodate. 
Doing a Cake Smash?
Along with the cake and smash outfit, don't forget to bring a towel!
​For Bub - Do your best to have baby awake as long as possible before the shoot with the goal of feeding Baby once you arrive in the studio. This will hopefully allow Baby to get into a nice deep sleep which allows for all the gorgeous curly poses. If you are bottle feeding, bring a spare. If you are breast feeding, you are more than welcome to feed in the studio and I am happy to give you privacy if you prefer.
For Toddlers – Please make sure your older kids have a full belly and bring their water bottle. It is also helpful to have any favourite songs on your phone ready to go, or a favourite toy. They will be in a new environment.
For Dad – I get it, it’s not always Dad’s thing, but be prepared for a few hours of hanging around while I make art with your gorgeous little bundle.
For Mum – I know you may not feel up to it, but a little bit of make-up and your hair casually styled will allow you to option of joining in for a  frame or two. If you don’t, it’s no harm, but often I hear the regret of ‘I should have’. They will only be so tiny for a short period of time.
We will have several set ups all ready to go for your shoot, these sets will be put together based on the information you give us in the form.
Not all babies can do all poses. Some are more flexible, others dislike or love being on their belly, some Bubs will only want to be wrapped and others need their left hand always on their cheek. We will work with your Baby and not force them into any pose we feel is not comfortable for them.
While we are shooting, you are more than welcome sit back and watch, I have chairs in the studio so you can relax and enjoy. You can also take the time to relax in the reception area and leave baby to me. We do ask that you do not stand directly behind or next us while we are shooting and please do keep an eye on any older children you have with you as there is a lot to look at in the studio and they do like to explore. 
I will direct you in the poses, the angles, the way to move and when to smile. If you are concerned about a specific issue, please let me know.
The balance of the gallery collection is due at the photoshoot. If you decide to upgrade the collection once you have seen your gallery you can pay the difference on collection. Payment can be made via cash, card or electronic transfer.