Get to know us

Writing with light photography is Leah's creative baby. We specialise in maternity, newborn and family portraiture. The studio's signature mix of lifestyle and posed sessions allows us capture all the sweet and candid moments that come from the love you have for your little ones.


Leah has over 16 years of experience in portrait photography, She has a degree in Visual communication [Photography and digital imaging], is a trained educator in the industry, she can pose you and light you and guide you through the process but this is second to her absolute joy of working with you... Ok, maybe your newborn, but they are just so damn adorable who can blame her.

Bec has been working with Leah for over 4 years now, she is the chief baby head holder, patter of bottoms, session shuffler and the second sets of hand we use to ensure your baby's safety at all times.

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FAQ's about Us

We are Sister-in-laws 

We are asked at almost every session what our relationship is, working together for so long has given us a unique ability to almost read each others thoughts (seriously, it's kind of weird) so people are often surprised we are not sisters even though we look nothing alike.


Do we have kids?

Yes, 3 each. Two girls and one boy for us both. We get the strange feeling of wishing your kiddlets would stop growing while living for the excitement of what they will do next while also missing all the things they no longer do. This is why what we do means so much to us!

Have you ever been pooped on?

Yes, many times. It doesn't faze us really. More pee than poop, but it happens. It's ok

The Team