These sessions are all about capturing the sweet milestones that happen in your child's life! 
Kids change so quickly – with each passing milestone they look different, they ARE different.  Milestone Sessions are the perfect way to capture these ever-changing moments of childhood.  These sessions focus on your child/ren: we will capture not only what they look like but their personality. It's not always about the sweet smile to camera but the cheeky eyes at Daddy or the special snuggle between siblings. It is great chance to bring in their favorite toys, or books, do a cake smash and bubble bath, keep it simple and minimal or get out in the great outdoors. 
I recommend Milestone sessions for Bubs from 4 months when they are holding their heads up well and their personality is coming through. 8-6 months is great for those sitting poses and their squishy rolls. I year is always the perfect time to capture your baby and celebrate the joy they have brought to your life.
Milestone sessions can also be done for older kids, individually or as sibling groups. We like to get an idea of what the kids are into and what you would like to do with the images and work out the best look for their shoot.
Studio Sessions - Located in Narellan, south west Sydney
Green locations - A variety of locations in the Macarthur area
Beach location - Wollongong area